Box Tops for Education

BoxTop for education

Just look for the Box Tops logo on hundreds of products--clip and deposit into the Box Tops for Education container in the school office—- each one is worth $0.10. One of or parent volunteers is our Box Top coordinator and will be counting up the box tops for the school. Money generated from the Box Tops go toward supporting our Culinary and Textile Arts Program.

Box Tops For Education is an amazing and VERY simple way to earn money for LJMS Culinary and Textile Arts Program. 10¢ for just clipping that Box Top from a cereal box or Hamburger Helper or crescent rolls adds up! Money raised through boxtops go to purchase groceries for cooking lessons and for sewing materials. Check out Boxtops4education - marketplace to shop where LJMS can earn up to 15 eBoxTops per $10 spent and for newsletters from BoxTops. You can shop through Barnes & Noble at the site, earning up to 6 eBoxTops per $10 spent automatically! There are more than 200 retailers that participate. Visit boxtops4education to see a complete list of participating box top products.

If you'd like to volunteer to help collect BoxTops, please contact Culinary and Textile Arts teacher, Mrs Scott. It only takes a few hours a month.

eScrip Program

Now parents and members of the community can raise money for our students through eScrip, which tracks purchases using your registered debit/credit card. Participating businesses will make a contribution based on your purchase amounts. Lawrence E. Jones Middle School receives the donation without any additional contribution from you.

eScrip is a convenient and easy way to raise money for student activities, equipment upgrades, and special programs.

How eScrip Works

  1. Register any or all of your existing debit, credit, or grocery loyalty cards in the eScrip program
  2. Participating businesses will make contributions to your chosen group based on purchases you have made with your enrolled cards
  3. Your purchases are tracked and made available to you online so you can track how much you are earning for your school.
  4. Sign up today and begin earning money for our students!
  5. Visit our family of merchants for a complete list of participating businesses.

The Annual ExL Pasta Feed/Talent Show/Silent Auction is held every year usually in March. This is one of Expeditionary Learning Parent Association's (ExLPA) fundraisers.

Thank you for your support of LJMS.