LJMS Cornerstones

LJMS Cornerstones


Empowering Character

Each character education element has an icon that is associated with it. These icons reflect a folklore story that is used to illustrate the concept with the students. These are taught explicitly the first week of school and are visited systematically thorough the year. Additionally, when students receive and award for showing a Cornerstone, they receive a badge that has that exact icon. All of our awards that are given also comes with a free badge (or patch) that is given to students every trimester.

integrity.png       Integrity 

Integrity is about being a person of honor, one who has respect for others and oneself. It is a person who follows through on her/his obligations and duty to family and community. It is a person who does the right thing even when no one is looking at him or her. There are many personal characteristics that come under the heading of Integrity such as respect, trust, and courage. Integrity brings all of those characteristics together in one cornerstone. Integrity means doing the right thing even if no one is looking.

perserverance.png       Perseverance

Perseverance is about setting a goal and overcoming barriers and challenges that may be put before one. It is a person who rises above adversity and keeps moving toward her/his goal. One demonstrates perseverance when going beyond internal or external barriers, psychological or physical challenges. This takes courage, hope and faith. When one has perseverance, one strives to succeed.

discovery.png       Discovery

Discovery is about wondering, researching and reflecting about the world around us. We are curious beings. We seek new information that we synthesize, create new knowledge, and reflect on what we have learned. Then we start the cycle of inquiry all over again. We discover new things by exploring the possibilities.

service.png       Service

Service is about making a difference in the world no matter how small. Making a difference can be a smile, listening, or being there. One can give service to one's family, school, community, state, nation and world in many ways