Make a Payment

Make a Payment

While CRPUSD pays for teacher salaries, health benefits, classroom equipment and furnishings as well as school textbooks and materials; expedition costs are funded through ExLPA by family payments supplemented by fundraising.

Questions about your bill or payment?Please email our Treasurer at

Payments and Deposits

Please use the following links to make your payment via donation through PayPal.

Please use the Notes option to indicate your student's name and make sure you check the box to Share Email with Expeditionary Learning so that we can associate your payment with the correct account.

For a regular one-time $125 payment click here: Monthly $125 Manual Payment. Please indicate your student's name in the "Write a Note" section.

For the $250 deposit click here: Annual Deposit Manual Payment. Please indicate your student's name in the "Write a Note" section.

If you share payments with a co-parent or guardian and need to pay 50% of our monthly payment please click here: Split Payment $62.50. In the Notes be sure to add your child's name.

Auto-Pay:To subscribe to monthly $125 payments (you must cancel on your own) click here: Subscribe to $125 Auto-Pay Here,  then email us to indicate which student this subscription is for. If at any time your account is overpaid we will carry your credit amount over to next year.  If you need to unsubscribe from automatic payments you may do so through your Transaction History within PayPal or use this button:


For the $500 Yosemite Chaperone Driver Fee click here:  Yosemite Chaperone Driver.   Please indicate you are a DRIVER in the "Write a Note" section.

For the $550 Yosemite Chaperone BUS Rider Fee click here:  Yosemite Chaperone Bus Rider.  Please indicate you are a BUS Rider in the "Write a Note" section.

For the $100 Monterey Chaperone Fee click here: Monterey Chaperone. Please indicate your child’s name in the "Write a Note" section.

One-Off Payments for Other Amounts:To send a different amount than our monthly fee, please simply log into your PayPal and under Money select Send Money and select Send to Friends of Family. Then send any amount to and do not check the box for goods/services. Note that if you are using a credit card vs. your bank balance to pay, PayPal will add a fee. Please be sure to use the Notes section to indicate the purpose of the payment and your student's name, or follow up with an email explaining. Thank you!