6th Grade Expeditions

6th Grade Field Trips

The Age of Sail- Overnight Living History Program 
Students board a schooner at Hyde St. Pier in San Francisco where they are immersed in an overnight journey through the past. The year is 1906 and the students work as the ship's crew on its voyage to Oregon for lumber needed to rebuild the city after the earthquake.

Buck Institute 
Activities are designed to be hands-on and focus on the model organisms used in Buck Research – stem cells, yeast, worms, water bears, and fruit flies.

Safari West Wildlife Preserve (field guide required) 
Safari West is home to 350 exotic mammals and birds. Accompanied by a naturalist, students spend approximately 2 ½ hours on an educational journey where they have the opportunity to visit mixed herds of African native animals that interact much as they would in the wild.

San Francisco Zoo 
Students participate in a docent led walking tour highlighting the natural history of African animals.

Paleotechnics (field guide required) 
Ancient Living Skills program with demonstrations and hands on activities with Tamara Wilder, Primitive Technologist

Willow Creek Watershed Education Program 
Students have the opportunity to learn about watershed impacts, what salmon need to survive, the importance of monitoring stream parameters, and what some agencies are doing to restore the watershed.

de Young Museum (Poets in the Galleries)
Poet and teacher, Devorah Major leads students through a 90 minute session back to back weeks at the de Young museum. Students participate in a variety of writing exercises designed to raise their awareness of the art objects and to sharpen their ability to use language effectively to interpret what they are seeing and experiencing around them.

Monterey Bay (field guide required) 
6th, 7th, and 8th grade expedition. Monterey Bay Aquarium, Santa Cruz KOA.

Alliance Redwoods Outdoor Ed
Conservation, Ecology, Geology, environmental relationships, human relationships and natural resources are some of the areas of learning in the outdoor science school curriculum.

Pepperwood Preserve 
Students discover animal tracks and signs and will identify birds, reptiles and mammals on short hikes. Students have the opportunity to visit untainted habitats characteristic of Sonoma County, and learn basic ecological principals through hands-on activities.

China Camp State Park 
6th, 7th and 8th grade expedition. Students will visit the Immigration Station at Angel Island, China Town, Shrimping Village.  Three day expedition. 

Rocks on the Move
Students have the opportunity to visit the Marin Headlands for science inquiry; they will observe how plate tectonics shape the geologic landscape.

Human Race
The Human Race is a nationwide community fundraising event for nonprofit organizations. Student walkers/runners/pledge-gatherers raise funds for various participating non-profit organizations.