Empowering Parent-Partnership

Lawrence E. Jones Middle School works hard with parents to ensure the highest level of success for their children. Parents play a critical role helping their students succeed—your support is the most important factor in your child's ability to grow and learn—but Lawrence E. Jones Middle School can help. Don't hesitate to contact Student Services at 707-588-5602 to reach one of our counselors, Teresa Teich or Jaime Myers. Christy Kerston, our Student Services secretary, can help you connect with connect with either counselor, our Assistant Principal Mrs. Scull or Dean of Students Mrs. Campos.

SSC - School Site Council

This school body consists of 50% staff and 50% parents, all elected by their peers. Comparable to the School Site Council that many schools have, this body is responsible for the monitoring of school programs and makes decisions on major budget issues. The meetings are, of course, open to the public and the agenda is always posted in advance. The SBC meets four times a year virtually.