English Learner Home

English Learner Home

Nurturing Linguistic Growth


Welcome to the English Learner Home Page!  Students who are English Language Learners ("ELs") and their families can access EL program information here in order to facilitate an exemplary learning experience.  This page contains program information about key EL staff and administration, curriculum, events, and connections to resources that serve our students and families. 

We, the educators here at LJMS, are here to support ELs in becoming proficient in English, develop intellectually and as citizens, and to enable them to achieve the expected learning outcomes of the LJMS English Learner Program, including the CA Core.  Such support will be provided in the LJMS school environment that values diversity, bridges cultures, honors language and works to counter racism. 

Advisory Teachers

Katie Rerecich, ELD Program Teacher

Katie Rerecich
ELD Program Teacher

Maria Zamudio, ELD Classroom Aide

Maria Zamudio
ELD Classroom Aide