Welcome! If you are already a Member,click here to access the Members Area.If you are not a member, feel free to look around to learn more about the Expeditionary Learning program at Lawrence Jones Middle School. Clicking on the > Tabs on the left will open additional sub-topics under each of our core tenets of Explore, Learn, Connect, and Act.

Explore is one of our core tenets because we believe all students benefit from hands on, experiential learning outside of the classroom. Getting middle school children outside and applying their learning in concrete ways makes for a more meaningful and memorable experience. Deeper, longer-lasting learning takes place as students apply principles learned in the classroom to work done in the field. Students also bring lessons learned in the field back to the classroom. These include social, emotional, and academic lessons. The middle school years are critical and challenging years, and helping students safely explore our world is essential to our Expeditionary Learning Program.

We encourage ALL incoming 6th and 7th Grade students to apply. Applications are available under the Apply tab to the left.

Thank you!

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